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Castello di Monte Ursino, da torre di avvistamento a complesso fortificato



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Passeggiata Dantesca, la natura a due passi dal mare



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Chiesa San Paragorio, il Monumento simbolo di Noli

Oratorio di Sant Anna

This baroque building with an unfinished facade was built to give Sant'Anna's brotherhood a suitable seat; in fact, the oratory by the Bishop's Palace was too small. For this reason inside the oratory there are two rows of eighteenth-century wooden stalls, used for the brothers' meetings.

The vault is decorated with various frescos by Vincenzo Scala, while on the inner walls there are six paintings by Giuseppe Bozano (1842); the most representative one represents the transfer of the relics of Sant'Eugenio from the Island of Bergeggi to the Church of San Paragorio.

The oratory is also strongly linked with the local religious processions: two processional chests depicting Sant'Anna and the Risen Christ are located in two special niches; in front of the two stalls there are also two wooden crucifixes with the diying Christ, decorated with golden leaf motifs; chests and crucifixes are carried by the believers along the city streets during the annual processions.

Luigi Defferrari Theatre

It is named after the benefactor Luigi Defferrari, who sponsored the local “Amici dell'Arte” music association to buy the theatre in 1923. During the past it has always been one of the town theatres, except during the French occupation, when the Napoleonic army used it as a horse stable and a cellar. Nowadays the theatre is a year-round venue for artistic and cultural events (concerts, plays, conferences, film screenings).

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