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Castello di Monte Ursino, da torre di avvistamento a complesso fortificato



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Passeggiata Dantesca, la natura a due passi dal mare



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Chiesa San Paragorio, il Monumento simbolo di Noli

La Torre dei Quattro Canti

This trapezoid-shaped tower stands in a strategic spot in the heart of the town. It is 38 metres high and as the other town towers it has a green-stone base while the upper part is made of bricks. The tower is not accessible inside but it is still well preserved, although the original entrance is now a shop.


The Cathedral of San Pietro

The church dates back to the 13th century, but in the first version it was a small chapel named after San Pietro. After being chosen as the cathedral of the town diocese in 1572, it was renovated and enlarged, as it looks like nowadays; but some signs of the original building are still visible on the facade and on the right side of the church. The main treasure inside the cathedral is a Roman sarcophagus in polychrome marble known as “Sant'Eugenio's Ark”, because it was used as the patron saint's relics. The current aspect of this sarcophagus is the result of some restorations made between the 15th and the 16th centuries. Also noteworthy are the bishop's chair in carved walnut wood (17th century), the pulpit and a processional case in polychrome wood made by Giovanni Battista Maragliano (1762) that represents “The Annunciation”.


Casa Repetto (12th - 14th centuries)

This building, to the right of the cathedral, takes origin from the fusion of two different architectural elements: the most ancient one is a twelfth-century tower with a large basement in green stones and the upper side made of bricks; close to the tower there is a fourteenth-century building made of bricks with a small closed loggia.

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