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Castello di Monte Ursino, da torre di avvistamento a complesso fortificato



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Passeggiata Dantesca, la natura a due passi dal mare



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Chiesa San Paragorio, il Monumento simbolo di Noli

Il Golfo di Noli Pesca

Fishing is the oldest business and tradition in Noli; it is still carried out nowadays, on small rowing boats with crews of 2 or 3 people. Every morning the catch of the day is sold in the fishermen's market in the middle of the promenade; this is particularly attractive for the people interest in ancient crafts or healthy food. The Gulf of Noli is protected from the main winds, therefor it has always been a safe harbour. For this reason, several ships arrived and departed from here when Noli was a free republic.


Viale-Salvarezza Palace

(the end of the 17th century - 18th century)

This palace was built around the Marina Tower (12th century) and another smaller one, and is the result of the renovation of two pre-existing medieval buildings. It was donated by the people of Noli to the Genoese senator Viale as a sign of gratitude: the senator was sent to Noli in 1673 by the Doge of Genoa Giovanni Battista Lercari to put an end to a conspiracy which would have brought Noli under the rule of the Duke of Savoy.

The Papone Gate & Tower (13th century)

This tower with gothic mullioned window was built to protect the gate with the same name, it is connected to the castle wall by an arch made of bricks. During the Republic Era it was also the depot of the town arsenal.


The Bishop's Palace

The building stands at the beginning of Monte Ursino hill and is the result of several renovations from 1554 to the 19th century. The current palace is very different that the original one, of which there is little historical evidence; there is only proof of a jail and a chapel for the clergy inside the building. Close to the palace there is the Church of Nostra Signora delle Grazie (Our Lady of Graces), that was built at the beginning of the 17th century on the ruins of an ancient temple, restored by Monsignor Antonio Maria Arduini in 1769.

Palazzo Viale Salvarezza
Torre di Papone
Palazzo Vescovile
ING Palazzo Viale Salvarezza
TED Palazzo Viale Salvarezza
ING Torre di Papone
TED Torre di Papone
ING Palazzo Vescovile
TED Palazzo Vescovile
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